UNLIMITED REPOSSESSIONS, LLC., is a vehicle recovery/repossession company located in Cheshire, Connecticut and covers the entire State.

UNLIMITED REPOSSESSIONS, LLC., is owned and managed by its President, Debra A. Rosa.

UNLIMITED REPOSSESSIONS, LLC.,  provides a prompt, effective, quality, personal, individualized and professional service to financial/lending institutions including Banks, Credit Unions, Auto Finance Companies etc., and have achieved a 90% success rate in the delivery of recovery/repossession services.


….To provide a professional and quality service to all our clients, stakeholders, field agents, employees etc., operating under the same business ethics that we would want to receive.

We provide a client orientated, professional service that is developed and personalized to meet each client’s individual need.

It is paramount for us to create a ‘partnership’ relationship with our clients, providing constant communication so that we can work in tandem in resolving the accounts given to us.  This ‘partnership’ relationship allows us to be an extension of our client’s company and if problems occur they are actioned and resolved immediately.


  • Unlimited Repossessions, LLC services all our clients accounts and none are outsourced to  sub-contractors or other repossession companies.
  • 37 years of combined experience in the recovery/repossession industry
  • Recovery/repossession performance success rate of 90%
  • Our field agents are trained in all aspects of recovery/repossession, including the laws that relate to our business activity
  • Our account managers are well versed/trained in managing  portfolios of client accounts

Our administrative staff, are experienced in all avenues of support for our clients and the field agents.  They forge day-to-day relationships with the collectors from all regions of the country and maintain them.  Our staff are trained in all aspects of the business enabling them to have a  comprehensive awareness of company life e.g., each administrative staff member accompanies a field agent into the field, to experience his/her daily life dealing with debtors, repossessions etc.

UNLIMITED REPOSSESSIONS, LLC’s  role is not to judge those that are misfortune enough to have their vehicle within a repossession process, and because of this awareness, we treat the debtor with respect, courtesy and dignity, in order that they can keep their integrity in tact.

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